Dolce Toys Hanging Travel Bird

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This crazy character has so much play value! Made from the best quality fabrics in the brightest colours.

There are 3 teethers, a spinning bead rattle, a buggy attachment, click clacking rings, ribbon tabs, crinkle and interactive pull through legs.

Why Children Love this Toy:
• Sounds: Children will love the sound this toy makes through pressing and shaking the many parts.
• Color: The variation of colour makes them highly engaging for inquisitive babies. The black and white contrasting patterns are highly visible to very young babies.
• Bead Rattle: Shaking and turning the toy will cause the beads to rattle around in the stomach to the delight of children.
• Material: A high quality, safe design means babies can use different parts of the toy as teethers.
• Touch: The different textures are extremely satisfying for children to play with.

Educational Benefits
• 3D design helps babies to discriminate different patterns by tactile play.
• Helps to connect motor skills with auditory learning by the sound it makes.
• Visual learning is provoked through colour perception.

Other features:
• Soft parts for use as a teether toy.
• Non – Toxic (Formaldehyde Free, BPA Free).

Approx Product Dimensions: 4 x 21 x 33cm
Age Guide: Newborn +
Brand: Dolce Toys


About Dolce:
Dolce Toys is committed to providing children with a fun and educational way to play and learn. All toys have been carefully manufactured to meet strict safety regulations. All materials used are BPA free, safe and environmentally friendly.

Dolce Toys are based on the idea of STEM learning. STEM learning is an initiative that has been developed in top universities around North America and Europe in an attempt to give children the best possible start in life.