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Corolle Mon Classique Paul Drink & Wet Baby 36cm - Teddy Bear Clothes

$119.99 $89.99

Brand Corolle
SKU: C130260

Paul the Drink and Wet Bath Baby Doll is the perfect doll for caring just like real parents, with her potty and bottle, he is your little potty training ally!

He is a large, anatomically correct baby boy.

He drinks her bottle, which is refillable with water and will pee in his potty (for real!) when his tummy is pressed so he doesn't leak all over the house! He will also take a bath and can sit up in the water making him the perfect bath time buddy.

He is made of soft touch vinyl with a delicately scented vanilla body.

At 36cm, this doll is the perfect size for small arms, perfect for cuddling, nurturing and practicing what grown ups do for their babies. With his sleeping eyes he falls back asleep when laid down on her back.

It is dressed in underwear and an under shirt. Paul doll has a whole collection of clothes and accessories to let your child practice everyday skills and invent all sorts of different games.

Ages 2 and up.

Approx. Product Dimensions: 36cm tall
Age Guide: 2 years +
Brand: Corolle

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