Trunki: Pink Extras Pack


$69.99 $55.99

Make sure Trunki is filled with all your tot’s travel essentials for the entire holiday with the Extras Pack!

It includes:

A sticker pack to personalise your Trunki and make it stand out from the crowd.

A cute purse for treats and pocket money that can be clipped onto a belt loop, rucksack or even a Trunki.

A Tote bag which fits inside half a Trunki to keep toys organised, and can be clipped onto the car/plane seat in front for the journey. (This can also be turned into a Shoulder Bag by using the strap from your Trunki Suitcase)

A Saddle bag which wraps around Trunki for a more luxurious ride, and doubles as a handy messenger bag for day trips.