Tolo Toys: First Friends Safari Quad Bike

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The Safari Boy zooms along on his Quad Bike!

Pull back action allows the Quad Bike to speed along!First Friends Safari Boy included.

Can be free wheeled.Encourages interaction and imaginative play.

An ideal addition to the First Friends Safari or Dinosaur worlds!Strong and durable.

Play Guide:
- Introduce your child to the First Friends driver and his quad bike
- encourage independent exploration but if necessary demonstrate the character's moving, clicking parts and show your tot how the driver fits into his quad bike
- Show your baby that the toy moves and encourage your little one to push it along the ground and crawl after it.
- Show your baby how to pull back the vehicle and watch it race across the floor. Encourage movement to retrieve it
- Imitate the sounds a quad bike might make and praise your infant for any effort made to join in.


Suitable for ages 12 months +