Tolo Toys: First Friends Go Kart

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Kids will love this speedy GoKart that spins across the floor with a push! Pull back action allows the Go-Kart to speed along!First Friends Racing Driver included.Can be free wheeled.Encourages interaction and imaginative play.Strong and durable Play Guide:- Introduce your child to the First Friends driver and his racing go-kart. Let your child explore the toy independently but if necessary - demonstrate the character's moving, clicking parts and show your him or her how the driver fits into his go-kart - Show your baby that the toy moves and encourage your little one to push it along the ground and crawl after it.- Now show your baby how to pull back the vehicle and watch it race across the floor. Encourage movement to retrieve it - Imitate the sounds a go-kart might make on the racing track and praise your infant for any effort made to join in. Suitable for ages 12 months +