Melissa and Doug Peek Through Puzzle Farm

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Discover a whole new way to puzzle! Clever tile-shaped pieces are simple squares on the outside, but die-cut on the inside so the patterned puzzle board shows through.

Place the tiles in the puzzle board to match each animal to its pattern and solve the puzzle! Children love finding the solution to complete all nine "correctly"--then mixing up the tiles to see a sheep with polka dots, a hen patterned with ears of corn, or a cabbage patch filled with apples.

The sturdy wooden pieces are easy to grasp and maneuver, so moving them into the right (or wrong!) locations is an enjoyable challenge.

The puzzle comes with lots of extended-play ideas, too--so as kids fill the figures with colors and patterns, they'll also be filling their playtimes with enrichment, learning, and lots of pattern fun.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
- Lay the pieces in a row and ask the child to count them with you.
- Ask the child to sort the puzzle tiles into two sets: green and blue. Ask the child to compare the sets and determine which has more pieces.
- Ask the child to solve the puzzle in a specific order by asking questions about each pattern. For instance, "Which animal has white polka dots?" With the child, say the name of each animal in the puzzle. Then identify the crops in each field around the farm.
- Place the pieces in the puzzle incorrectly and ask the child to rearrange the pieces to "fix" the mismatched animals.
- Place the pieces in the puzzle incorrectly and remove one or more from the puzzle board. Ask the child to slide the remaining pieces to their correct places.
- Rotate the puzzle board and ask the child to complete the puzzle sideways and upside-down. Discuss which pieces look the same with the pattern facing a different direction, and which look different.
- Place the pieces color-side-down in their correct places on the puzzle board.
- Challenge the child to identify each object by its pattern alone. Turn over each piece to reveal the picture as the child identifies each one correctly.

Dimensions: 10"L x 10"W

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