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Melissa and Doug Nesting & Sorting, Garages & Vehicles

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Zoom the wooden cars, build with the blocks, match the cars to their garages--there are lots of ways to play and learn with this versatile learning set!

The seven graduated garages (all decorated with objects to count and colours to match) can be arranged to make a colourful town, or stacked to make a tower tall with learning opportunities. Then nest them for neat and easy storage!

Best of all, each one matches one of seven stackable wooden cars by size, colour, and number, opening up endless opportunities for stacking, counting, hide-and-seek, mix-and-match, imaginative play.

Please Note these are cardboard garages not wooden, the cars however are wooden. 


  • Match-and-stack set of 7 stacking garages and 7 wooden cars
  • Pair the pieces by size, colour, and number for exciting first-concepts practice.
  • Colourful garages feature counting pictures on the back walls.
  • Build a tower or a town!
  • Great for hand-eye coordination; concepts of colour, size, and number; counting; problem solving; and creative play.
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child identify all the colours of the cars. Point to one of the garages and say its colour, then ask the child to find the car of the same colour.

  • Ask the child to line up the garages from biggest to smallest. Then point to the numerals on the garages as you count to seven together.

  • Help the child place the cars in numerical order. Then ask the child to put each car in the garage with a matching numeral.

  • Turn the garages backward so the illustrated counting cars face out, and place the matching car on top of each. Point to the toy cars to show the numeral, then help the child count the illustrated cars to demonstrate the quantity.

  • Place the wooden cars in a line for the child to study. Then, while the child looks away, hide one of the cars inside a garage. Ask the child to tell you which car is in the garage by looking at the remaining cars. Then allow the child to lift the garage away for the big reveal!

  • Place the largest garage a foot or more in front of the child, then challenge the child to push one of the cars to roll through the door. Increase the challenge by moving the garage farther away or switching to smaller garages.

  • Show the child how to stack two or more of the cars. Challenge the child to stack as many as possible without toppling the tower.

  • Ask the child to make a tower of the garages then place a car in each one.

  • Use the garages to create a neighbourhood scene. You can create groupings where some homes are close to each other, or spread the garages far apart to represent long car trips. Add other cars or play pieces to the scene if you wish, and get creative!


Approx. Packaged Dimensions: 39 x 16 x 14cm
Age Guide: 2 years +
Brand: Melissa and Doug

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