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Melissa and Doug: Clacking Key Ring

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What do these wooden play keys open up? Countless play possibilities with your baby!

This clicking, clacking key chain baby toy engages infants and toddlers with its rattling sound, bright colors and rotating keyhole.

The three keys feature basic shapes in bright colors, link on and off the key chain and fit in the keyhole, so there are lots of ways to promote fine motor skills, sensory development, early language skills and much more! Made with top-quality hardwood and child-safe dyes.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
- Talk to your child about the colors and shapes on the keys and key ring, pointing to each feature as you say its name. ("This key has a red circle on top. This key has a blue triangle.") Pause between sentences so your child can "answer" with babbles or gestures.
- Shake the toy to make the keys rattle. Then ask the child to shake and tap the toy to discover what noises he/she can create.
- Slide all the keys off of the key ring and place them in a line, counting as you go.
- Turn one of the keys in the keyhole to show the child how it spins. Ask the child to grasp the key and turn it or take it out of the keyhole.
- Create a story about the keychain. Pretend each key is for a different car, and "start the car" by turning the key in the keyhole. ("The blue key is for Mommy's car. Vroom-vroom--here we go! The green key is for Baby's car. Vroom-vroom--off to the playground!")

Dimensions: 4.25" x 8.25" x 1.5" Packaged

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