Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

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Not every new baby smell is sweet and wonderful – like the kind that comes with full nappies. This Nappy Disposal System with multi-layer barrier bag locks away baby odours we don’t want lingering around baby’s changing table. It’s so easy to use – all it takes is a flick of the wrist. Plus, the refill cassettes last about a month and it uses much less plastic – making it a more environmentally friendly nappy disposal system than others on the market.

Double-lock Odour Protection – Multi-layer bag provides effective barrier that keeps nasty smells at bay.

Very Easy to Use – Operate this system with one hand.

Safe and Simple – The cutting mechanism is inside the nappy bin.

Only one Type of Refill Cassette Needed – From birth to the last day your little one needs a nappy change, you can use the same type of refill cassette. One refill cassette lasts approx. 28 days (128 nappies, size 2).

Easy to Empty – Remove it just like a normal bin liner (approximately once a week).