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Melissa and Doug Monster Bowling


SKU: MD2210

It's scary how much fun you'll have with these fuzzy monster pals!

The beastly bowling set adds color, texture, and a whole lot of eyes to a familiar game. Six wacky plush pins with goofy expressions have weighted bottoms for extra stability, touchable textures, and detailed stitching.

Set up the pins in different formations, then use Klonk, the silly stuffed ball, to knock them down!

The set stores in a handy mesh bag to take the bowling fun wherever kids go.


  • 8-piece fuzzy wacky monster-themed bowling set
  • Includes 6 pins with weighted bottoms for extra stability, soft ball
  • Premium fabrics, detailed stitching, and Touchable textures
  • Include handy mesh storage bag
Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CRAZY CLEANUP: Scatter pins on the floor, then have kids race to pick them up, based on clues ("Grab the one with a moustache!").

  • CREATURE FEATURE: Every monster has a story to tell! Have kids give each monster a history. Where did they grow up? Were they always monsters?

  • BEAST BALL: Play catch with one of the monster pins, moving one step apart after each catch. How many catches in a row can kids make?

  • BLINDFOLDED BOWLING: Have kids try to knock the pins over with Klonk (the ball) while wearing a blindfold or closing their eyes!

  • MONSTER CONCERT: Have kids give the monsters distinctive voices, then give a "monstrous" musical performance!

  • HIDE & SEEK: Hide the monster pins and the ball, then challenge kids to find them.


Approx. Product Dimensions: 33 x 31 x 8cm
Age Guide: 2 years +
Brand: Melissa and Doug

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